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Richard Gozdecki - The Body Champion

Weight loss is a common goal for most people in modern society.

Health, strength, and fitness should always be a top priority on everybody’s list of self-care. Who doesn’t want to be healthier, stronger, and fitter?

I’ve dedicated my life to competing in various sports around the world and have had success and failures throughout my journey. Now I love to share my experience with others, using my deep knowledge to help build stronger, leaner bodies and powerful mindsets whilst supporting and advising my team so they get the best from themselves.

Your diet doesn’t have to be boring.

Every single meal, drink or snack which goes into your body has a purpose. Fuelling our bodies the right way is the key to having more energy, building quality muscle, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Food in your diet doesn’t have to be plain. Junk food and alcohol don’t have to be eliminated completely for weight loss.

It all comes down to structure, consistency, timing, and energy manipulation which planned properly will help you achieve your goal. All food has its purpose, I help guys understand what to have and when to have it. I unleash their potential and they achieve the body they have always wanted.

I have a team of ambitious, motivated guys all striving to achieve something more from themselves. Whether they want to build muscle, reduce body fat, compete at a higher level, or need support starting their fitness journey and want to lose weight.

I lead the team and feel honoured to watch their progress. I keep my guys motivated, accountable, and supported throughout their transformations.

We build a community through social channels to share our wins, ask questions and set goals for each other. No one joins my team and feels alone.

We achieve greatness together, we are a team, we deliver results.

Richard Gozdecki - The Body Champion in the gymRichard Gozdecki - The Body Champion coaching clientsRichard Gozdecki - The Body Champion in the classroomRichard Gozdecki - The Body Champion in the gym with client
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"My sessions with Rich in preseason were a massive switch up to my usual training and I absolutely loved it. I’d highly recommend Rich to anyone whether it be simply improving lifestyle, getting serious about weightlifting, or taking your sport to the next level."

Keiran Brookes
Toulon (and former England) rugby tighthead.

"Over the off season I was lucky enough to get a couple of sessions in with Rich down at The Workout Mill! He certainly put me through my paces and dragged me through it with unreal energy and encouragement throughout. Will be back soon!"

Jack Willis
Wasps and England Rugby player.

"Rich helped me change my approach to diet and the gym. By making small changes and tweaks to my existing routine I saw massive changes. The accountability that Rich provided to me was second to none with the weekly check ins keeping me consistent and on tracks."

Jack Stevens

“Rich has helped me to change my outlook towards fitness and diet and made it fun for me again. Can't recommend his teachings enough.”

David Burgess


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